There are, of course, many problems in life capable of creating such difficulties that one’s spiritual progress is hindered. These problems include, for example, a sudden dismissal from a job, an unexpected financial reversal or the loss of a loved one. The Scientology minister is there to help in all of these circumstances.

Regardless of whether the Scientologist is currently active and regardless of his financial condition, the local Church Chaplain is sure to help. By working closely with other local Scientologists or the Church’s Free Scientology Center or by using his own auditing skills, the Chaplain will arrange for assists or other auditing to be ministered to one in need. Or the Chaplain may recommend a book by L. Ron Hubbard or a Life Improvement Course or Extension Course for more guidance.

Sometimes merely the act of listening to, understanding and acknowledging someone who is troubled is sufficient to lift his spirits and start him on the road to recovery.